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A Little Something

Written by ARI 阿瑞

Performed & Arranged by ARICLAN

"If we give just a beautiful moment
A Little Something
A peace of mind in a beautiful moment
It's just a little something
And maybe we'll get by..." 


Written by ARI 阿瑞
​Arranged & Performed by LON and ARI 阿瑞

" Liberty,
Why can't I be the one who sets you free

All this time caught up in misery
But you turn to me, when you need..."



Written by ARI 阿瑞

" She wants to read my mind
And I wanna free my time
We both have counted down the days
But in the thick of love
We do it all, we make it up
And every morning, she is next to me


Just Drive

Written by ARI 阿瑞

"Life's a one-way road
Sometimes you're far from home
But you yield or bare,
You dream or dare


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