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An original electro-funk band from Macau, China.

They began in 2015, performing in venues and music lounges.

Within a year, ARICLAN gained recognition for their songs and performance, earning them slots on music festivals, radio shows, concerts in cities across China. including Hangzhou, Zhuhai and Hong Kong.

Led by singer and frontman ARI 阿瑞

 the band is easily recognized as one of
outstanding and unique musical acts.


ARICLAN's original songs focus on 3 main topics

Encouragements & Hopefulness (not giving up)

The challenges in relationships of lovers, friends & family

Enjoying the present moment

The songs draw inspiration from the rich, diverse cultures of Macau and is expressed through the music and lyrics

Each song's energy is further amplified through
ARICLAN's stage presence and performance.

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