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we can change the name of this project

Producers will decide final arrangement then send  demo to band

Musicians will record their parts with 1 of the producers present

After recordings are done, producers will do a quality check on whole song

If all is good, song will be sent for Mixing. Producers will review mix

If all is good, song will be sent for Mastering. Producers will review Master



  • Study The Music

    • Know the chords / hits / dynamics​

  • Practice Your Part

    • practice to the point where you can play comfortably.

  • Take Down Ideas

    • Write or record any ideas and we'll review them at the recording session


We need our band members to contribute ideas for marketing strategies to reach our audience. All ideas are welcome.

Kindly find examples of your ideas, so we have content to discuss / debate.  We will discuss them as a band when we are in the month of the first single release.


If available and willing, we will need our band members participation in the creation of the music videos.  Whether it be Acting, Performing, or holding a light for a shot, we will work with what we have and who we have. 

For now we have Low Budget for music video creation. We can only afford a videographer. 

Though in the future, if we have more budget, we will hire crew members where needed.

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